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To understand the film it's necessary -first and foremost- to pay attention to the title of the film: be careful ... it is called "sniffers of dreams" or-more smartly "Those who smell the dreams." The title-in fact-suggests the exact perspective to enter the film: which is not of the statement or history or even that of the folk tale or documentary. The perspective to enter the film is that of the dreams, the dream-like journey, and the logic is - inevitably- that of the dreams. Which is always logical but doesn't seem to. All the characters, from the protagonist who "presents" her characters, to the characters themselves, they all "smell the dreams" and are also dreams that fit together with harsh realities or rational dreams or-eventually-with images of old films that -unintentionally-suggest the routes of those intercommunicating dreams.

But the feeling is not that of "confusion" but of a geometry of image and story in an “unstable” perfect balance. As in the songs of Captain Beefheart or in the arrhythmias of Jarmusch's images, Karini manages to hold the attention of the audience with a completely absent story, which could be in another dimension and that one senses under the skin; Karini is able to connect an almost neorealist black and white with cinematographic inventions that recall Dali's and Bunuel's video installations. And so, only upon reflection, our mind seeks and finds connections between image and reason, with all due respect to those who saw the film with the heart only, not bothering to "make ends meet" of the logic and to who enjoys the "flavour tasted" without understanding the ingredient ... and only upon reflection-it was said-we realize that the liaison is / are cotton clouds, those faced by the protagonist at the beginning of the film, those tied on the hood of the Indian cars, those in which the Indian woman manager sleeps, that of the woman with skates and that cotton the protagonist is sowing at the end of the film. That act of insemination which anticipates a birth, is exactly the one that ends Karini's film closing a circle crooked as the bicycle wheels of a little girl in love with life and pestiferous..

KMA Production presents, in association with MarionMad Pictures and Gaved Production, "Dreamsmellers". The film is directed by Maria Assunta Karini,  screenplay by Maria Assunta Karini, Alena Jurisa and Luka Moncaleano. The producers are Marionmad  and Gaved Production, coproducers are Slaven Maric, Branko Matijasevic and Aaaron Goldstein, and Harry Brewster is the executive producer.

The actresses are Juneda Ansari, Zam Zam Fatima Malik, Farah Naaz, Monica Shipkar, Anita Shukla, Bhawana Singh, Preeti Singh, Taruna Singh, Lauretta Sidoli, Sheelu Tripathi and Rana Faquit.

The creative team behind the scenes: director of photography Premanand Bhageerathan, assistant director Luka Moncaleano, editors Maria Assunta Karini , original music by Two Stars Symphony, Opium, Martyn Bates, sound engineering Francesco Paolo Paladino.



The film was shot partly in Italy (Piacenza and province) and partly in Lucknow, capital of Uttar Pradesh State in northern India.
One of the locations for the shooting was in the outskirts of this city, in the village of Kakori. It is a beautiful building that is now being used partly as a school
The other location of the film were in Italy, in Piacenza and in its province. Some scenes were filmed in a 17 th century cellar. It was chosen for the size and structure of the vaulted rooms; in fact ,two scenes were shot in a rectangular room where we’ve ricreated a black ground field.
The other scene was shot in a very small room,generating a sort of a sacred place,a cell,an altar.
In these spaces we have tried to create unlikely situations,outside of time.

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