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Maria Assunta Karini
Maria Assunta Karini starts as a sculptor. She graduated at the Ecole National Superieure des Beaux Arts

in Paris in the sculpture section. In Carrara she studied marble technologies, and attended courses concerning sculptural technologies on granite for four months in Montreal, Canada.
Karini attended a sculpture workshop SGF in Carrara, Italy.
She has participated in numerous exhibitions and competitions of monumental sculpture (Israel, Brazil, Mexico, France, Czech Republic, Korea). Some of most prominent Karini public works can be found in numerous international public and private collections.
Subsequently, she undertook a path of visual experimentation in photography and video installation. She realizes numerous projects through the mixture of these two means of expression, thanks to an individual course of scientific research and its applications in art, and to international collaborations with multidisciplinary artistic groups.
At the same time Karini develops a work of director and writer, producing several short and medium length films that have participated in national and international festivals (Cannes, Seattle, Seoul, Tehran, Clermont Ferrand, Barcelona, Athens, Warsaw, Amsterdam etc.), and won several prizes and awards .
Karini took part at numerous expositions in museums,  foundations and galleries, among  others Contemporary Art Museum BAC in Barcelona (Spain) and Mart Contemporary Art Museum of Trento and Rovereto (Italy).

She directed, with Francesco Paladino, the docu-movie Break blues, in which big names of American music and literature took part, for example Joe Lansdale, Watermelon Slim, Super Chikan, Anthony Neal Smith, Tim Willocks, Frank Lisciandro and Lance Leadbetter.

Alena Juriša      

Born in  Fiume  (Croazia). Attends  the  Academy of  Fine  Arts of Venice, studying  Painting.

Subsequently she graduates in Communication Sciences, obtaining a degree in Intercultural Communication at the Milano – Bicocca University. From 1998. she carries out several courses of painting and creativeness for children and continues her activity of translator/interpreter from Croatian, English and German. Jurisa collaborates with RAI ( Italian Radio Television) as Advisor for the events during Prix Italia 2005, international contest for Radio,Television and Web.   
She achieves the qualification of Intercultural mediator and works in various schools in Piacenza and province, planning and coordinating educational projects.  
From 2010. Jurisa collaborates with KMA Production in the creation and organization of artistic projects in Italy and abroad. She is working actually also on a series of children's stories.

Luka Moncaleano

Luca  Moncaleano  was  born in  Piacenza  1990. He  is graduating  at the  faculty of  Artistic and

Performing domain in Parma (Italy); in  2004 he wins the  prize Italian Factory for the young   Italian painting. In 2005 his first personnel to the "Factory  of  the Vapour"of Milan  attended  by the  critic Alessandro  Riva. In 2006  the  second  solo show  "The  digital  imprint  of  the  thumb  of  Astrid” attended  by Gianluca Marziani and Chiara Canali at the  LEAP Laboratory Energy Environment Piacenza.  He has   participated  in different collective shows: 2007  To  Be  Continued.. Fabbrica  Borroni  Milan,  2008  Contemporary art festival  Future  Present  Faenza  Museum Carlo  Zauli , 2008   Rumors  ex  Arsenal Borgo Dora  Turin, 2010 Arte  Laguna Prize,  2011 Museum   Correr  Venise, 2011 Fornace of  Asolo, 2012  “I Ritratti dell’Io”  ex  Ansaldo  Milan, and  is among ten  artists selected  by  the  IBC Cultural and Environmental Artistic Heritage  of  the region Emilia Romagna, Italy. He is also a  photographer: his photos have participated in  international  contests. He  has  taken  part  as  performer  to different video,  “Abraham’s Greenhouse, Trigeminal, Youngsters”, that  have participated in prestigious short film festivals, ( Cannes short  Film Corner, Seattle  Film  festival, Seoul  Film Festival ). He  has  participated  as assistant operator  to  video in  international,  co-productions,  “Breack  Blues”  with  participation of  (Joe  Lansdale ,  Tony  Washington, Watermelon  Slim, Super  Chikan,  Anthony  NealSmith, Tim Willoks,  Frank  Lisciandro ,  Lance  Leadbetter), Performance  Video  “Blossom on the  Tree” Song  by  Max  Marchini ,Paola Tagliaferro e Peter Sinfield.

Premanand Bhageerathan

Premanand Bhageerathan, Director Of Photography

Cinematographer with experience in movies and documentaries. He has worked with different movie directors, among  others M.Night  Shyamalan (The Sixth Sense, The Village etc), Anand Kumar (Delhi Heights etc), Hriday Shankar Mishra, and has worked as assitant to Madhu Ambat from 1990 to 1995.
Latest works include a hindi movie "Valentines Night" released in feb, 2012., film  "Jugaad" and "Private No" Directed by Mr. Anand Kumar and produced by Mr. Sandip Kapoor.     
Bhagheerathan has woked on different documentaries for National Geographic / NFDC / DOORDARSHAN / UNESCO / UNICEF..
Film For UNESCO Film For Children for Satish Pandey.


Francesco  Paolo Paladino

Indipendent Artist and  Director  of Piacenza (Italy) where live and work.
Paladino have many collaboration with musicians of all world:  “A Little Light” collaboration with Arborea (Gaved 2010) , “Post Atomik Rodeo”, collaboration with american guitarist Matthew Degennaro,( Pahavahri prod., 2006), “,Ethik Blues & Mud Flowers” with the u.s.a. songwriter Gayla Drake Paul 2007, “Nocturnal Session” with Alio Die (Italy) e In Gowan Ring (USA); The Nosesoul with Theo Zini (an unique collaboratin between the processed nose music and medioeval lamentations”, “The Accidental” with Volcano the Bear member Aaron Moore (Elsie & Jack Rec. 2005)
In 2013 the Film “Columblus  Days” is request for Music Museum  Nepal International  Video Collection.


Martyn Bates
With Martyn Bates we have to go back to the far-off '79 to find the first traces of his artistic activity, when he made his debut
with the Migraine Inducers, magic cult-band of
progressive folk that, in hindsight, was nothing else then organ of incubation  of his most important sonic enterprise, the
fabulous Eyeless in Gaza (with Peter Becker), which earned eight LPs plus a handful of EPs up to the breakup in ’86 and a pair of albums after the reunion of the '93: acoustic wonder between avant-garde and folk-song. Various solo works published by Bates in the meantime confirmed the quality of the author, placing him as one of the most inspired voices of the contemporary music scene, heart of a poet in love with the past and yet so close to the present, just like the minstrels who sang of ancient deeds and testified the worries of the world. After all, he loves to define himself a troubadour, and we add: in his way one of the few left on the threshold of the third millennium.
The Eyeless In Gaza were one of the more `original and "different" groups of the late new British wave. Since Photographs As Memories (Cherry Red, 1980) and Caught In Fire (Cherry Red, 1981) that style lent itself for sketching intriguing instrumental backgrounds.
The vertex of the arrangements is surely found in Rust Red September (Cherry Red, 1983), The best of their production, in particular the singles, will be collected on Voice (1996).
After Letters Written (Cherry Red, 1982), destined to remain the vertex of his work (First And Last February, Later War Cries), he came back on the scenes with a series of solo albums: The Return Of The Quiet (Cherry Red, 1987), Love Smashed On A Rock (Integrity, 1989) and the mini-album Port Of Stormy Lights, Letters To A Scattered Family (Antler
Subway, 1989) up to the Chamber Music I (Sub Rosa, 1994) and Chamber Music II (Sub Rosa, 1996). 1996 Murder ballads
(passages),1998 UK "Imagination Feels Like Poison", 1998 Germany "Just After Sunset-The Poetry of Rainer Maria Rilke ",
2007 Americans Dissonance, 2008 A Map Of The Stars In Summers.

Two Stars Symphony

Two Star Symphony is Houston’s most unusual music ensemble. Composing and performing all-original music in quartet and octet configurations, Two Star brings modern
instrumental music to a wide range of audiences, from classical music enthusiasts to first time listeners.
Two Star Symphony is known for collaborating with other artists and mediums. In that spirit, Two Star has created original works with American Ballet Theatre Studio Company, Dominic Walsh Dance Theatre, Bobbin Doctrin Puppet Theatre, and many others. Under commission from the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, and Discovery Green Park, Two Star Symphony created and performed a series of original scores to classic silent films. In 2007, The University of Houston School of Theatre & Dance premiered Two Star’s original musical soundtrack to Bertolt Brecht’s Good Woman of Setzuan. In 2008, Dominic Walsh Dance Theatre premiered Two Star Symphony’s first full-length ballet score to an original production of Titus Andronicus. In 2008 and 2010, Rice University partnered with Two Star to create the two-part Synesthesia series – an exploration of light and sound, featuring an array of
lighting-systems paired with live music and performance.
Two Star Symphony won “Best Indefinable Band” at the Houston Press Music Awards in 2009 and 2010
In January 2012, The Houston Chronicle named Two Star’s Titus Andronicus the best local album of 2011. They have
received coverage ranging from the Houston Chronicle, Houston Press and Austin Chronicle to the Huffington Post,
New York Times and Spin Magazine.

Opium discography Teo Zini ( Opium ) was born in Bollate, Milan (Italy) in 1979 and now lives in Varese. His first experiments were created with the Creative
SoundBlaster's and Yamaha's first home personal computer soundcards. Through software he creates rich drones and complex soundscapes often using ethnic/tribal sounds and beats. Opium is also involved in other projects such as Sola Translatio with Alio Die.
Opium CD discography Opium is well known for his ultra-deep atmospheres, made from the finest ingredients. On Pain(t) Teo Zini expands his musical pallet with gentle rhythmic elements, creating an extra dimension to his highly refined sound. A challenging, edgy album for both the atmospheric as the groove ambient fan.

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